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Welcome to GALAXe - Pride at Work !

Safe Space | Professional Development | Advocacy | Community Service

GALAXe Pride at Work is a Xerox sanctioned independent employee group that exists to aid in achieving company diversity & inclusion objectives. 

For 30+ Years!  GALAXe has served Xerox LGBT employees and their allies, in 40+ locations around the world.  


  • HRC CEI 2021 Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality
  • Diversity and Business Webcast Sept 2016
  • #Team Xerox - Pride at Work Canada
  • Xerox Diversity Ad
  • HRC CEI 2021 Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality
  • HRC CEI 2021 Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality



GALAXe Pride At Work serves as a catalyst for Xerox Corporation employees who are or who support lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (“LGBT”) persons. GALAXe Pride At Work's mission is to offer support and visibility within Xerox and beyond to its members, and to provide an official point of contact between its membership and Xerox Corporation, as well as with other lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender organizations external to Xerox.



  • Provide a support network for LGBT persons at Xerox
  • Act as a liaison between GPAW membership, Xerox, and other LGBT organizations outside of Xerox.
  • Work with Xerox to recognize and address the needs and concerns of LGBT employees, and to support the development and implementation of Xerox policies and procedures pertaining to the value of a diverse workforce.
  • Offer support and assistance to LGBT Xerox employees and LGBT persons within the communities that are affected by prejudice and discrimination.
  • Provide educational training, financial aid and corporate counseling to LGBT persons outside of Xerox to assist in the betterment of society.


Xerox Internal - Diversity Page on The Hub

Xerox Diversity Brochure - new 2018! (download/pdf)  

Xerox Global Diversity Video

Xerox Gender Transition Guidelines for Managers and Employees (download/pdf)

Our Employee Resource Groups at Xerox

Xerox’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led, non-faith-based underrepresented groups that foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with Xerox’s mission, values, goals, business practices and objectives. Our ERGs are focused on member development, engagement, belonging, support and community.  Please take the time to learn more about our ERGs below and consider joining as a member of that underrepresented group or as an ally.

Xerox Employee Resource Group Purpose Leadership
Asians Coming Together ACT creates awareness of Asian contributions, promotes professional development, and enhances an understanding of Asian culture at Xerox. President: Zosan Soong
Executive Sponsor: Tracey Koziol
Black Women's Leadership Council The Black Women’s Leadership Council serves as a catalyst to advance professional development and address issues unique to Black women in the Xerox workplace. We work to forge partnerships with senior management that facilitate the hiring, retention and development of Black women and satisfy business needs. President: Guyla Wrens-Armstead
Executive Sponsor: Louie Pastor
GALAXe Pride at Work GALAXe is for employees who are, or who support gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (GLBT) persons. The group aims to increase visibility of its members within Xerox and beyond and provide a connection between its membership and Xerox as well as with other gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender organizations. Co-presidents: Ryan Crozier & Michelle Waites
Executive Sponsor: Naresh Shanker
Hispanic Association for Professional Advancement (HAPA) HAPA was established to create a single, unified voice of Hispanic representation. HAPA works with Xerox's senior management to ensure that Hispanics achieve increased presence at all levels. President: Daniel Hormaza
Executive Sponsor: Mike Feldman
National Black Employee Association (NBEA) NBEA is committed to providing a community of support for Black employees at Xerox, with opportunities for mentoring, training and development, and outreach. It seeks to ensure individual professional abilities and talents - regardless of ethnic or racial group - are recognized in employment and promotion practices. President: Camell Branch-Selby
Executive Sponsor: Joanne Collins Smee
The Women's Alliance (TWA)   TWA seeks to ensure that Xerox recognizes and values women for their significant contributions and leadership. President: Kelli Morgan
Executive Sponsors: John Visentin and Suzan Morno-Wade
Xerox Leadership Association (XLA) XLA is devoted to professional development, career enhancement and promoting belonging and engagement. President: Tammy Richards
Executive Sponsor: Nicole Torraco
YP Nexus (YPN) YPN is devoted to connecting members globally, developing members into influential leaders, and providing opportunities to lead and work alongside leaders within Xerox. President: John Baker
Executive Sponsor: Steve Bandrowczak
Xerox Veteran Service Members Association VSMA is dedicated to the support and engagement of Xerox’s military veterans, service members, military spouses, and families. It celebrates the service, dedication, and sacrifices of these employees, recognizing both the unique challenges they may face, as well as the distinct advantages their collective experience brings to our team. President: Deb Patsky
Website coming soon. In the interim, please contact Deb Patsky. Executive Sponsor: Xavier Heiss

Be Yourself. Everywhere!


We welcome all Xerox employees, as well as Conduent colleagues and partners/retirees to Join Us!  You can "Self-IDentify", if you choose - and join us as an LGBT member or Straight Ally.

There are no membership dues, and joining will provide you information in our newsletters, communications and events with management and activities with our other caucus groups. 

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We Value Our Partners!