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We welcome and value our Allies !  Allies are supporters who come from our straight friends, colleagues, family members and management (You!?!)

While some incredible progress has been made towards equality and fairness for people who are LGBT, we’re not there yet. Full equality can’t happen without support from smart, energetic, compassionate, and dedicated straight allies.  Colleagues who are willing to learn, and share your support along the journey for inclusion where we live and work.

We hope to provide you with key insights on the "How & What" it means to be a Straight Ally!  

For a lot of people, learning that someone they know and care about is LGBT can open a range of questions: from confused to concerned, awkward to honored. It may be hard to know how to react, leaving you wondering about what to say, how to talk about LGBT topics and wanting to know what you can do to be supportive. 

Check out these resources below, and Join Us as a Straight Ally member to receive our newsletters - to help you stay informed & connected!

Read this Blog Post on being an Ally from our prior Xerox LGBT Corporate Champion, Dr. Sophie Vandebroek

Below are helpful resources, that we have found valuable from external partners...

Straight For Equality program:

10 Things You Can Do to Be a Straight Ally (1 page flyer)  Learn 10 simple things that you can do to come out, speak up, and join in as a straight ally.

Click here to read or download their fantastic introduction package:  "Guide to Being a Straight Ally"






Words reflect culture. And our Allies can help to create inclusive workplace environments, where all colleagues feel both that they are valued and that they belong. 

Our friends at Catalyst are a leading nonprofit organization with a mission to accelerate progress and equality through workplace inclusion.  They support women, LGBTQ and men in their programs, including these knowledge resources and thought-leadership white papers. June is a worldwide #LGBT #PrideMonth, and a great time to take a minute to check-in and consider how our words and workplace patterns may benefit from a #FlipTheScript.


Out & Equal Virtual Summit Workshop Series:

Xerox is a key partner and sponsor with Out & Equal Workplace Advocates - focused on LGBT Diversity in Workplaces

Strengthening the Work Place with Straight Out Allies (video, 1hour, no slide download available)
Creating a thriving environment for the LGBT employee requires a safe environment where you can be your fully authentic self. This workshop will share how Kellogg, Dow and Whirlpool are creating a safe and inclusive environment by educating the non LGBT employee on how to become an Out Straight Ally and ultimately into an Advocate Out Straight Ally.We know how important it is to create a safe space for the LGBT employee but we will share why it is also important to create a safe space for potential straight allies to come out as well.This workshop will provide you with insights on why you should educate managers, especially senior management on learning about and respecting the LGBT employee. HR Policies are not enough.
Presenters: Norma Barnes-Euresti, Kellogg’s, Greg Fulmer, Whirlpool Corporation, Wendy Davidson, Kellogg’s, Cheryl Gilliam, Kellogg’s Company, Kathryn Greaves, Kellogg’s, Noel Hornsberry, Kellogg’s, Sue Machelski, Dow Chemical

Engaging Middle Managers in Driving LGBT Equality (video, 1hour, no slide download available)
The best employers have learned that to institutionalize the importance of diversity across all levels of an organization, they must develop strategic tools that help middle managers understand how diverse talent can enhance the performance of their teams. This interactive workshop will begin with a recap of JPMorgan Chase’s journey of building a toolkit on diversity for middle managers. We will focus on how we galvanize this frozen middle and the strategies we have found to be effective, and ones that were not so effective. After a brief panel discussion, this workshop will dive into an interactive discussion where the audience will work together to come up with a play book of strategies to successfully engage middle managers.
Presenters: Vignesh Ashok, Donald Wenzel, Violeta Dudova, Therese Blechet Blake

We Welcome You !

Be Yourself. Everywhere!


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  • HRC CEI 2021 Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality
  • HRC CEI 2021 Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality

An “ally” is a term used to describe someone who is supportive of LGBT people. It encompasses non-LGBT ("Straight") allies as well as those within the LGBT community who support each other, e.g. a lesbian who is an ally to the bisexual community.